Balans S-80

Balans S-80 Elemental Liquid Sulfur Soil pH Regulator


Liquid sulfur in its elemental form is a product used in soil reclamation by regulating soil pH. It helps dissolve the lime in the soil. It prevents and reduces soil salinity. It facilitates the uptake of macro and micro elements that the plant cannot absorb due to high pH. It eliminates the sulfur deficiency of the plant and the soil. It can be used in all kinds of vegetables, fruits and planting areas.

Product features

It can be used in drip and sprinkler systems. It does not damage the greenhouse cover. Shake vigorously before use. Dilution should be done in a separate container. If dilution is done in the product container and kept waiting, it may cause petrification. Our company is not responsible for any damages that may occur due to use other than the recommended usage method and dosage. The first irrigation should be given to the plants in the early days and the watering should be continued. It should be applied in the evening or at night.