About us



It was established in 2017 and completed its R&D studies (works), investments and preparations in 2020, and started to produce organic, organo-mineral and mineral fertilizers. Our primary principles as VERİM GÜBRE INC. are a better soil, plant and human health. We are producing best quality fertilizers and encouraging the best applications in the use of fertilizer(s) in order to support higher crop yield and more nutritive foods.

Our products consist of the fertilizer groups of organic, organo-mineral liquid-powder fertilizer, organo-mineral granule fertilizers, mineral NP and NPK. Apart from these productions of us, we are also engaged in the marketing and distribution of the mineral fertilizers, imported by our company.

We, as VERİM GÜBRE, continue to provide added value to the agricultural sector with conscious agricultural applications and innovative pro ducts by means of soil analysis training and plant nutrition prescribing, producer’s awareness raising meetings and innovative products at the field and online agricultural consultancy services.

We Are Determined To Become A Worldwide Brand!

  • Organominerals
  • Chemical Granules
  • Liquid Fertilizers
  • Organic, Liquid-Powder fertilizers