Human Resources

Adopting human resources as the basis of commercial growth sustainability, VERİM GÜBRE has adopted keeping the motivation of its employees at the highest level as its primary principle in accordance with its human resources policy.

As VERİM GÜBRE, we do not discriminate among our colleagues based on origin, religion, gender, language or politics. We aim to find people who are highly motivated, who will increase productivity in teamwork, who are open to innovations, solution-oriented and have high communication skills. In our evaluations, we take our objective perspective and corporate goals as a guide.

We attach importance to the fact that everyone has equal rights and to exchange ideas with our employees before making decisions that will concern our colleagues.

While encouraging our employees for all their career goals, we prepare all the necessary psychological and social environments. In this direction, we support and reward all the efforts of our employees.

In line with our company goals, we work with all our employees to contribute to our land for the future of sustainable agriculture.

You can send your job applications with your resume to [email protected].