12.15.5+(10 SO3)

12.15.5+(10 SO3)


This three-nutrient organomineral compost fertilizer can be used safely in the bottom (subsoil) fertilization of all crop-land and garden (vegetable-fruit) plants that are grown in our country.

Features Of Product

As active substance, it contains 12% (Nitrogen) N, 15% Phosphorus (P2O5), 5% Potassium (P2O5), 10% Sulphur (SO3), and additionally 15% Organic Matter (OM). With the sulphur it contains, regulates the soil pH in the areas with high lime content, and increases the nutrient intake efficiency and thus the yield potential. In addition to the nitrogen requirement of the plant in the early vegetation period, phosphorus affects the germination, rooting, flowering, and fruit/grain formation. Potassium protects the plant against stress factors in case of water balance and temperature changes, and also ensures quality product harvest.

Guaranted Content (%W/W)
Organic Matter 15
Nitrogen (N) in Total 12
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 3,6
Urea Nitrogen (N) 8,4
Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5) in Total 15
Water-Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5) 13
Water-Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 5
Sulphur Oxide (SO3) in Total 10
Maximum Humidity 20
Humic-Fulvic Acit 10
pH 4-6
Plant Dosage/Soil Application Application Periods
Wheat, Barley, Paddy 30 – 40 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Corn, Cotton 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Sugar Beet, Onion, Peanut 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Watermelon, Melon, Carrot, Turnip, Strawberry 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Potato 60 – 70 kg/da Pre-Seeding
In Open Land Vegetables 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
In Greenhouses 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Stone and Pome Fruit Trees (According to the age) 1 – 4 kg/tree Pre-Awakening of Tree
Citrus (According to the age) 1 – 4 kg/tree Pre-Seeding
Olive (According to the age) 1 – 4 kg/tree Pre-Seeding
Apple (According to the age) 1 – 4 kg/tree Pre-Seeding
Grape (Vineyard) 40 – 50 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Banana 50 – 60 kg/da Pre-Seeding
Hazelnut 1 – 4 kg/omca Pre-Seeding
Tea 30 – 40 kg/da Pre-Seeding

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