Babil 15.30.15+ME

Babil 15.30.15+ME


BABIL 15.30.15+ME is used in the greenhouses, open space plants, pome and stone fruits, tuber plants, and at the products such as banana, hazelnut, and tea and so on.

Features of Product

Notwithstanding that the product is with the standard chelate, it does not contain chorine and sulphur, and may be soluble in water and its intake by plants is easy.

The root area of the plants, grown by dripping irrigation, is limited. In order to have achievement at this point, the fertilization of this limited area that can be wetted by dripping should be made very attentively.

It is possible to make a fertilization aiming to achieve easy use, non-problematic and high yield. The metallic micro elements have EDTA chelates in order to enable the plant to take advantage of it easily.  Especially the ferrum (Fe) has the EDDHA chelate in the strongest form to be effective even in high pH water and soils.

Nitrogen (NH4-N and NO3-N) has the source of Phosphor (P2O5), potassium (K2O) and micro element. It is necessary to evaluate every formulation in the Babil Series according to the development period of the plant.

Guaranted Content (%W/W)
Total Nitrogen (N) 15
Ammonium Nitrogen (N) 1,2
Nitrate Nitrogen (N) 4,5
Urea Nitrogen (N) 9,3
Neutral Ammonium Citrate and Water Soluble
Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5)
Water Soluble Phosphorus Pentaoxide (P2O5) 30
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) 15
Plant Dose/100 L

Via leaves


Via dripping

At Greenhouse and Open Space Vegetables (Water Melon, Muskmelon, strawberry) 100-200 2 – 4 kg
Apple, Pear, Quince, Peach, Cherry, Sour-Cherry, Apricot, Nectarine, Plum 200-300 2 – 4 kg
Grape, Banana, Pomegranate, Fig, Citrus Fruits, Olive  200-300 2 – 4 kg
Hazelnut, Walnut, Pistachio, Chestnut  200-300 2 – 4 kg
Cabbage, Radish, Carrot, Celery, Cauliflowers  200-300 2 – 4 kg
Onion, Garlic  200-300 3 – 4 kg
Sugar Beet, Potato, Rice Plant and so on  200-300 3 – 4 kg
Cut Flowerbed  200-300 3 – 4 kg
Cotton, Corn, Sunflowers, Canola, Cereals, Legumes, Forage Plants and so on
Green Zones  200-300

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