Gaia Powder (Animal-Origin Amino Acid)

Gaia Powder (Animal-Origin Amino Acid)


GAIA 65 can be used as a biostimulant in annual and perennial plants. It can be used safely from leaves and soil in greenhouses, industrial plants, hard and soft stone fruits, tuberous plants, products such as banana, tea, hazelnut, olive, ornamental plants, as well as open field plants.

Features of Product

Gaia is an animal-origin organic bio-stimulant containing high level of amino acid and contains 20% Organic Nitrogen (N), 90% (OM), Organic Carbon and 38% Free Amino Acids within its content.

Guaranted Content (%W/W)
Organic Matter in Total 90
Organic Carbon 40
Organic Nitrogen (N) 20
Free Amino Acids 38
pH 6-7
Plant  Application Periods  Dosage /

Application via leaves

Pome Fruits Before flowering
When the cap fall, during the fruit set period and  when fruits have a size of  6-7 cm in diameter
130-170 ml/100 L Water
150 ml/100 L Water
Stone Fruits Before flowering

During the cap fall in advance of the inflorescences and period of fruit set

When fruits have a size 6-7 cm

130 ml/100 L Water
150 ml/100 L Water
Vineyard  During the cap fall in advance of the inflorescences and at the period when fruits change colour. 130-150 ml/100 L Water
Corn 2 applications when the plants reach a height of 50 cm and during earing. 150-200 ml/da
Watermelon, Melon, Pumpkin, Cucumber  During the periods of 4-leaves, in advance of inflorescences, fruit set, fruit maturity. In open space: 200 ml/da
At greenhouse: 180 ml/100 L Water
Dripping 280 ml/da
Tomato, Pepper,
Eggplant, Cabbage
2 applications after planting and in 20-day intervals 150-200 ml/100 L Water
Dripping 280 ml/da
Catton 3 applications when in 3-4 leaves, in advance of and after inflorescences 160 ml/da
Potato When the plant are at a height of 15 cm and the tubers  reach a size of hazel and 15 days later. 150 ml/da
Onion, Garlic Once in every 20 days after the formation tubers. 120-150 ml/100 L Water
Olive  1 application after harvest if necessary during bud formation, pre-flowering and fruit color change 100-150 ml/100 L Water
Wheat, Barley, Paddy 2 applications from the period of 4-5 leaves until the end of tillering and after tillering 160-200 ml/da
Tea Application by spraying to the tea area before harvest 150 ml/100 L Water

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