Slow Release Smart Fertilizer

Slow Release Smart Fertilizer

What is Slow Release Smart Fertilizer?

Some technologies have been developed to prevent the negative effects caused by the soil. Slow Release Smart Fertilizer is among these technologies. They are called slow-release smart fertilizers , as plant nutrients become available depending on irrigation . In other words, they are defined as slow-release fertilizers because plant nutrients are released with irrigation depending on the growth of the plant and the season.

Negative effects arising from the soil: When the nutrients are applied to the soil as fertilizer, many positive or negative reactions occur in the soil. Nitrate nitrogen leaching occurs in the soil due to the light texture of the soil (sandy-loamy) in very rainy and excessively irrigated regions where nitrogen fertilizers are used, especially mineral fertilizers. In addition, nitrogen fertilizers in the form of ammonium can be converted into ammonium nitrate with the effect of microorganisms in the soil, or nitrogen loss occurs by the conversion of nitrate nitrogen into nitrogen gases. A similar situation is observed in urea fertilizer. While nitrogen is converted into ammonium form that plants can take up by bacteria, nitrogen loss occurs in the form of ammonia gas.

Where to Use Slow Release Smart Fertilizer?

Purple Pearl is used as a nitrogen source in annual and perennial plants. In addition to open field plants, it can be safely used as soil and top fertilizer in greenhouses, industrial plants, hard and pome fruits, tuberous plants, park ornamental plants and grass areas.

 What are the advantages of Slow Release Smart Fertilizer A ?

Purple Pearl fertilizer preserves nitrogen in the soil for a long time and provides efficient and quality products. It reduces fertilization costs by enabling more efficient use of nitrogen. By staying on the soil surface in areas where agriculture is done without tillage, it keeps the nitrogen loss in the soil at the lowest level and provides a cost advantage. It makes a significant contribution to both the economy and the environment. In arid climate conditions, it eliminates the farmers’ concerns about precipitation.

What Are the Benefits of Slow Release Fertilizer?

In this type of fertilizers, the nutrients become free over time and change the content of the soil solution as the nutrients are released. Sufficient amounts of nutrients in the soil solution and their availability are vital for plant growth. Benefits of slow release fertilizers:

  • It ensures less nutrient loss.
  • It prevents the toxicity of chemical fertilizers on the seeds.
  • It reduces the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • There is no harm on human health caused by contact with fertilizers and inhalation.
  • It increases the soil quality and improves the use of fertilizers.

It has many advantages such as

It is emphasized that slow-release fertilizers are especially important in plant growing in pots. Because plants are grown in environments with a limited volume in pots and these environments have limited nutrient elements and low water holding capacity, plants grown in these environments should be watered and fertilized frequently. This can cause loss of nutrients. In addition, the nutrients needed for the development and growth of plants grown in pots show great differences. Therefore, there are difficulties in growing high-quality pots with minimal loss of nutrients.

What is Slow Release Intelligent Fertilizer “ MOR İNCİ ”?

It is a Slow Release special product obtained by using urea nitrogen in complex with DCDA technology. Purple Pearl prevents excessive nitrification of nitrogen. Nitrosomonasin inhibition prevents ammonia losses to the atmosphere by slowing down the bacterial activity and the conversion of ammonium in the soil. It delays the conversion of urea and minimizes nitrogen losses.

You can find the product details here .

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