Engrais Granulés Organominéraux

12.15.5+(10 SO3)

10.20.0+(15 SO3)+ME

12.12.12+(10 SO3)+ME

7.18.20+(20 SO3)

7.16.10+(10 SO3)

8.21.0+(15 SO3)

6.16.6+(15 SO3)+2 MgO

"Organomineral fertilizers are a complete alternative to chemical fertilizers"

“Society’s demand for agriculture is changing. Between the reduction of residual pollution and the pursuit of healthy and quality consumption, the reorientation of breeding strategies tends to reconsider especially fertilization methods and fertilizers. “Organomineral fertilizers are a complete alternative to chemical fertilizers; There are enough elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sulfur, calcium. In addition to these elements, organic substances also contain nutritional minerals. The use of organomineral fertilizers should be used not only in the field but also in the greenhouse environment when applying to improve the soil. Thus, permanent soil improvements will increase the yield and quality of the product, which will make the farmer happy with the crop he has obtained.